Feudal Future - Canal Slums

When it comes to production paintings, my confidence usually flies out the window. So I hold on fast to what little I already know and try to approach it cautiously, making sure I'm pretty happy with each step before proceeding ahead. Below are some work-in-progress screenshots I kept to document the process.

Moving forward!


  1. heya fir! nice job there. Jus some stuff I noticed, the circle on the left hand side does not seems correct and the trash under it and the posters, seems kinda large when compared to the human.

    I am not sure whether the color choice is on purpose but I feel the color choice can be lessen to heighten the mood of "slums" or "abandonment" I think something like greenish or bluish for the darker FG might work better then the warm yellow u used can be used to make a strong contrast of color and also help to bring out the samurai. I notice that you have both but currently I feel its kinda messy because of the multiple color blend, kinda feel like you are not sure what color to use.

    Sorry im not good at explaining.. all this are just my two cents. Hope you dont get angry TT_TT

  2. hey thanks ana for the comment. yeah there's probably a million and one things wrong in here. haha! will take note next time!