Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7 Brainstorm Challenge 15

Barret was a lot of fun, I had to do Tifa. It was a personal hurdle for me, especially dealing with female characters but I'm pretty happy with the outcome! Unfortunately, the Brainstorm challenge on FB has already ended. If time permits, I might do more, but real work comes first though!


Barret Wallace - Final Fantasy 7 Brainstorm Challenge 15

A little something for the Brainstorm group on Facebook. I usually refrain from such things, simply because the amount of talent in there is just crazy, but I had this simple idea that I felt like attempting. Final Fantasy 7 will always be a landmark moment in my gaming youth, so I was even more compelled. And since I love chunky characters, Barret was naturally the first choice!

Process GIF below:


Tree Studies

Some studies of trees and plants. I don't usually draw them, but they're essential especially in painting environments.


Mechanical Studies

Finally studying a topic that's close to my heart! Mechanical stuff. I feel like drawing robots after doing some of these studies.


Skull Studies

Some studies of skulls. These were a lot of fun for me, trying to absorb all these great forms into my visual library.