Aladdin Reimagined - Jasmine

Moving ahead with my Aladdin project, it was time to redesign Jasmine. I have to admit, it was quite a challenge. Ideally, I wanted to portray her as an equal to Aladdin and as a rebellious princess who's curious about the world.

Designing clothes isn't one of my strongest suits, but it was interesting nonetheless. I had to try and achieve a balance between royalty and being an active outgoing female.

Had fun with the tiger proportions though!


Aladdin Reimagined - Aladdin

This was an assignment we used to do back in school. I remember it being one of the more enjoyable ones as it involved taking a children's book and giving it our own spin. Here's my take on Aladdin, in a futuristic Agrabah setting. At this point, I'm probably sticking to Disney's version of the story for its simplicity. Hoping to develop more from here on :)

My partner-in-crime, Anastasia Catherine, is also working on a similar project. Look out for her work soon!


Carl's Space Game - Madnugget

My buddy at work, Carleel Zulkifli, had a cool idea for a game involving some space smugglers in a top-down airplane/spaceship shooter thing. Took a shot and designing some ships from the top and eventually felt like fleshing out one of them. Really had fun with this, so this one's for you , OG!

My new workstation is pretty much ready, and the Dell Ultrasharp monitor is really giving me confidence in my colours and values. Also, truly appreciating the workspace and using all of Photoshop's new tools, not to mention the faster loading/saving/boot times. Hope I can be a little bit more productive soon!


Feeding the Forest Guardian

Felt like painting on a whim, without the help of lines. Also had the pleasure of watching/listening to the soothing voice of Anthony Jones after purchasing his helpful tutorial on illustration basics. You can get it on Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/robotpencil). Definitely picked up a few nifty tricks as I painted along with his video.

Made a process GIF, below. I might have lost one screenshot, so pardon the jump from straight trees to warped ones. Hah!

This will probably be the last piece of work that's coming out of my old Dell Vostro. It has valiantly struggled with me for almost 4 years, but I guess it's really showing its age lately. Thanks for the many keyboard-hammering days, old friend. You've been a great workhorse..

But now, it's time for a much needed upgrade :)


Kaiju Slayer

A commissioned piece for a friend of mine, based on a custom toy he designed. He's a big Guyver fan, as you can probably tell. Working on somebody else's design is a pretty scary endeavour, but I enjoyed lighting him up here.

Haven't done this painted look in a while.