Day 31 - Dragon

Dragon. Day 31 and #inktober's a wrap! A fantasy RPG would be incomplete without dragons :)


Day 30 - Paladin

Paladin. I enjoyed playing with this guy's proportions!


Day 29 - Knight of the Abyss

Knight of the Abyss. I imagine this guy to be one of the end-game bosses. Probably my favourite of the entire series.


Day 28 - Healer

Healer. I was feeling quite brain-drained doing this one.


Day 27 - Bandit Chief

Bandit Chief. We're almost at the finish line!


Animal Studies

Day 26 - Beastmaster and Lizard

Beastmaster and Lizard. By far, the toughest in terms of design. Had to think of 2 parts and make them interact with each other.


Day 25 - Goblin Marauder

Goblin Marauder. Did I mention the smallest and simplest ones are my favourites?


Day 24 - Minotaur

Minotaur. Smudged a bit while fending off 2 bees that were attracted by my desk lamp.


Day 23 - Tribal Elder

Tribal Elder. The Aztec design theme was actually suggested by someone on Instagram.


Day 22 - Griffin and Rider

Griffin and Rider. Did some studies of birds and lions to support this drawing, it was really helpful! I'll post them up later.


Day 21 - Town Bard

Town Bard. Tried to mix it up by casting a shadow onto an imaginary wall surface.


Day 20 - Ghostly Servant

Ghostly Servant. Sometimes the simple ones work the best!


Military Gear Studies

Some studies of military gear. Still trying to get comfortable with using a ball-point pen for sketching.

Day 19 - Guardian of the Forest

Guardian of the Forest. Simple and kept hatching to a minimum.


Day 18 - Tribal Hunter

Tribal Hunter. I was a little late with this one.


Day 17 - Vampire Lord, Part II

Vampire Lord, Part II. Unleashed! This guy's bigger than the rest, almost spanning the entire A4.


Day 16 - Vampire Lord, Part I

Vampire Lord, Part I. Barely past the midway point for Inktober!


Day 15 - Little Wizard

Little Wizard. This guy didn't take too much time to finish, and surprisingly became one of my favourites in the series.


Day 14 - Werewolf

Werewolf. Had a lot of fun drawing his face and displaced jaw.


Day 13 - Little Village Girl

Little Village Girl. Inspired by some of my study sketches earlier.


Clothing Studies

Day 12 - Frog Merchant

Frog Merchant. Probably hails from the eastern side of the world.